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Diana Ross

Diana Ross Top 10 der Biografien

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross gehört zu den erfolgreichsten amerikanischen Sängerinnen der Musikgeschichte. Auch als Musikproduzentin und Schauspielerin feierte sie Erfolge. Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (* März in Detroit, Michigan) gehört zu den erfolgreichsten amerikanischen Sängerinnen der Musikgeschichte. Auch als. In den er Jahren feierte Diana Ross mit ihrer Band "Supremes" weltweite Erfolge und überzeugte später auch im Filmgeschäft. Bereits mit ihrem Kinodebüt​. Scharlachrotes Abendkleid, rote Tüllspitzen und der typisch rote Lippenstift: Auf der Grammy-Bühne ließ Diana Ross keinen Zweifel daran. Der hochformatigen Box liegt eine 96seitige, von Diana Ross selbst verfaßte Broschüre mit Diskographie bei. Auf die 20 größten Hits bechränkt sich die.

Diana Ross

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (* März in Detroit, Michigan) gehört zu den erfolgreichsten amerikanischen Sängerinnen der Musikgeschichte. Auch als. In den er Jahren feierte Diana Ross mit ihrer Band "Supremes" weltweite Erfolge und überzeugte später auch im Filmgeschäft. Bereits mit ihrem Kinodebüt​. Der hochformatigen Box liegt eine 96seitige, von Diana Ross selbst verfaßte Broschüre mit Diskographie bei. Auf die 20 größten Hits bechränkt sich die. Diana - Ross, Diana: Musik.

Diana Ross Video

Diana Ross - American Music Awards [2017] ᴴᴰ Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. So erreichte z. Angaben ohne ausreichenden Beleg könnten demnächst entfernt werden. In der Vergangenheit hatte Ross sich noch gegen Kinokiste Serien ausgesprochen. Auch heute noch sorgen die zeitlosen Melodien in Form von Cover-Versionen immer wieder für Amerikanische In Deutscher Sprache Chart-Einstieg auf die vorderen Ränge. Später gründete sie dann ihr eigenes Label "Ross Records". Mit den "Supremes" verkaufte Ross rund 25 Millionen Platten.

Gordy, drove Ross diligently throughout this period and Ross, due to anxiety arising from Gordy's demands of her, began suffering from anorexia nervosa , according to her autobiography, Secrets of a Sparrow.

During a performance in Boston, Massachusetts, Ross collapsed onstage and had to be hospitalized for exhaustion.

In , Ross began to perform as a solo artist on television specials, including the Supremes' own specials such as TCB and G. In mid, Gordy decided that Ross would depart the group by the end of that year, and Ross began recording her initial solo work that July.

One of the first plans for Ross to establish her own solo career was to publicly introduce a new Motown recording act.

Though she herself did not claim their discovery, Motown's publicity department credited Ross with having discovered the Jackson 5. Ross would introduce the group during several public events, including The Hollywood Palace.

Ross' presumed first solo recording, "Someday We'll Be Together", was eventually released as a Supremes recording and became the group's final number-one hit on the Hot It was also the final number-one Billboard Hot single of the s.

Follow-up albums, Everything Is Everything and Surrender came out shortly afterwards. Later in , Ross starred in her first solo television special , Diana!

In , the soundtrack to her film debut, Lady Sings the Blues , reached number one on the Billboard , selling two million units. In , Ross had her second number-one hit with the ballad " Touch Me in the Morning ".

The album became an international hit. Touring throughout , Ross became the first entertainer in Japan's history to receive an invitation to the Imperial Palace for a private audience with the Empress Nagako , wife of Emperor Hirohito.

A year later, in , Ross released her fourth solo number-one hit, " Love Hangover ", a sensual, dramatic mid-tempo song that bursts into an uptempo disco tune.

The tour's success led to a two-week stint at Broadway 's Palace Theatre and a minute, Emmy -nominated television special of the same name, featuring special make-up effects by Stan Winston, for a scene in which Ross portrayed legendary cabaret artist Josephine Baker and blues singers Bessie Smith and Ethel Waters , [16] and a Special Tony Award.

The albums Baby It's Me and Ross sold modestly. In , Ross released The Boss , continuing her popularity with dance audiences, as the title song became a number-one dance single.

In , Ross released her most successful album to date, Diana. The song would become her sixth and final single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot Ross began negotiations to leave Motown at the end of Gordy stated that doing so was "impossible".

Ross then signed with RCA on May 20, At the time, Ross's was music history's most expensive recording deal.

In , Diana Ross began working on her first film, Lady Sings the Blues , which was a loosely based biography on singer Billie Holiday.

Despite some criticism of her for taking the role, once the film opened in October , Ross won critical acclaim for her performance in the film.

The soundtrack to Lady Sings the Blues became just as successful, reaching No. Ross's second film, Mahogany , was released in The story of an aspiring fashion designer who becomes a runway model and the toast of the industry, Mahogany was a troubled production from its inception.

The film's original director, Tony Richardson , was fired during production, and Berry Gordy assumed the director's chair himself.

In addition, Gordy and Ross clashed during filming, with Ross leaving the production before shooting was completed, forcing Gordy to use secretary Edna Anderson as a body double for Ross.

While a box-office success, the film was not well received by the critics: Time magazine's review of the film chastised Gordy for "squandering one of America's most natural resources: Diana Ross.

The film initially was to include the stage actors who had performed on the play, but, producer Rob Cohen could not garner the interest of any major Hollywood film studios.

It was not until Ross convinced Cohen to cast her instead of Stephanie Mills , who portrayed Dorothy on Broadway as Dorothy that Universal Pictures agreed to finance the production.

This casting decision led to a change in the film's script, in which Dorothy went from a schoolgirl to a schoolteacher.

The role of the Scarecrow, also performed by someone else onstage, was eventually given to Ross's former Motown labelmate, Michael Jackson.

Ross had success with movie-themed songs. The soundtrack for Lady Sings the Blues peaked at number one on Billboard ' s Pop chart, selling over , copies in its first eight days of release.

Their second duet, actually as part of the ensemble of The Wiz , "Brand New Day", found some success overseas. Ross scored a Top 10 hit in late with the theme song to the film It's My Turn.

The following year, she collaborated with former Commodores singer-songwriter Lionel Richie on the theme song for the film Endless Love.

The Academy Award -nominated title single became her final hit on Motown Records and the number-two record of the year. In , Ross returned to acting with a dramatic role in the television film, Out of Darkness.

Ross won acclaim for her role in the TV movie and earned her third Golden Globe nomination, although she did not win.

The album sold over a million copies and featured hit singles such as her remake of the classic hit of the same name and " Mirror Mirror ".

Shortly thereafter, Ross established her production company, named Anaid Productions "Diana" spelled backwards , and also began investing in real estate and touring extensively in the United States and abroad.

In , she followed up the success of Why Do Fools Fall in Love with Silk Electric , which featured the Michael Jackson-written and -produced " Muscles ", resulting in another top-ten success for Ross.

The album eventually went gold on the strength of that song. In , Ross ventured further out of her earlier soul-based sound for a more pop rock -oriented sound following the release of the Ross album.

Though the album featured the top 40 hit single, " Pieces of Ice ", the Ross album did not generate any more hits or achieve gold status. Proceeds of the concert would be donated to build a playground in the singer's name.

Midway through the beginning of the show, a torrential downpour began. Ross tried to continue performing, but, the severe weather required that the show be stopped after 45 minutes.

Ross urged the large crowd to exit the venue safely, promising to perform the next day. The second concert held the very next day was without rain.

The funds for the playground were to be derived from sales of various memorabilia. However, they were destroyed by the storm.

When the mainstream media discovered the exorbitant costs of the two concerts, Ross faced criticism from New York City's then-mayor Ed Koch and the city's Parks Department commissioner and poor publicity.

In , Ross released Swept Away. The album featured All of You , a duet with friend Julio Iglesias. It became an international hit, as did the Lionel Richie -penned ballad " Missing You ", composed as a tribute to Marvin Gaye , who had died earlier that year.

Swept Away garnered gold record sales status. Her album, Eaten Alive , found major success overseas. Both songs had strong music videos that propelled the tracks to success.

Moreau while the " Chain Reaction " music video saluted the s American Bandstand -style music shows.

The Barry Gibb -produced album garnered an international number one in " Chain Reaction " and a Top 20 selling album. Michael was the producer for Unknown Quantity , the backing vocalists featured on the "Chain Reaction" track, are also featured as Ross' backing singers in the track's video.

There were four members of Unknown Quantity, however, only 3 were needed for the video. When she learned of Gordy's plans to sell Motown, Ross tried advising him against the decision though he sold it to MCA Records in Following the sale of the company, Ross was asked to return to the Motown label with the condition that she have shares in the company as a part-owner.

Ross accepted the offer. Ross's albums achieved more international than domestic success. The single's duet version with Irish group, Westlife , also hit No.

The album produced an astounding 9 singles across international territories, including another Top 10 hit, "One Shining Moment".

In , One Woman: The Ultimate Collection , a career retrospective compilation, became a number one hit in the UK, selling quadruple platinum, and selling well across Europe and in the English-speaking world.

In , Ross was named the most successful female singer in the history of the United Kingdom charts, based upon a tally of her career hits.

Madonna would soon succeed Ross as the most successful female artist in the UK. Later that year, Ross presented at the MTV Video Music Awards in September of the year and shocked the audience by touching rapper Lil' Kim 's exposed breast, pasty-covered nipple, amazed at the young rapper's brashness.

Ross reunited with Mary Wilson first in to attend the funeral service of Florence Ballard , who had died in February of that year. The Supremes did not rehearse their performance for that evening, due to time constraints.

A scheduled medley of hits was cancelled. Instead of following producer Suzanne dePasse's instructions to recreate their choreography from their final Ed Sullivan Show appearance, Wilson according to her autobiography planned with Birdsong to take a step forward every time Ross did the same, then began to sing lead on the group's final number-one hit song, " Someday We'll Be Together ", on which Wilson did not perform.

Later, Wilson introduced Berry Gordy from the stage unaware that the program's script called for Ross to introduce Gordy , at which point Ross subtly pushed down Wilson's hand-held microphone, stating, "It's been taken care of.

During negotiations with Ross, the promoters considered the creation of a Supremes tour, instead. Ross agreed. As the tour's co-producer, Ross invited all living former Supremes to participate.

Neither Jean Terrell nor late s member Susaye Greene chose to participate. Following the passage of SFX's final deadline for Wilson to accept their offer.

Laurence and Payne would later say that they got along well with Ross. The Return to Love tour launched in June , to a capacity audience in Philadelphia.

Open tennis championships before the tournament's women's final, between Venus and Serena Williams. Immediately following the attacks, Ross performed the song again at Shea Stadium, before the Mets first game, after driving cross-country to be with her children In the wake of the attacks, flying in the U.

Shortly thereafter, Ross admitted herself into the day substance abuse program at the Promises Institute in Malibu, California , after friends and family began to notice a burgeoning alcohol problem.

Ross left the program three weeks later and began to fulfill previously scheduled concert dates, beginning with a performance before a 60,strong crowd at London's Hyde Park , for Prince Charles' Prince's Trust charity.

Sold-out performances in Boston and Ontario , Canada, followed. In August, shortly after the tour began, however, Ross re-entered the Promises Institute's substance abuse rehabilitation program.

That December, during her stay at Arizona's Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Ross was pulled over by Tucson police for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

She failed a breathalizer test and was arrested for a DUI. Ross was later sentenced to 48 hours in jail, which she served near her home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Later that year, Ross was the guest performer at that year's Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute's annual gala, in an ensemble custom-designed by designer Tom Ford, followed by an appearance as the surprise celebrity model for American couturier Dennis Basso's runway show.

Icon makeup collection, as part of the beauty corporation's Icon Series. The song was released as promotion for the album and later reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart, marking her first Billboard chart entry since Also in , Ross was featured as an honored guest at Oprah Winfrey 's Legends Ball Weekend, a three-day celebration honoring 25 African-American women in art, entertainment and civil rights.

On May 22, , a year after the celebration, a one-hour program about the weekend aired on ABC, including celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes moments.

In June , Universal released Ross's shelved Blue album. It peaked at number two on Billboard ' s jazz albums chart. Ross later ventured on a world tour to promote I Love You.

Dedicated to the memory of her late friend Michael Jackson , the concert tour garnered positive reviews, nationwide. A month later, on December 9, she performed as the marquee and headlining performer at the White House -hosted Christmas in Washington concert, where she performed before President Barack Obama.

The event was later broadcast as an annual special on TNT. In December , Billboard magazine named her the 50th most successful dance artist of all time.

Her eldest grandson, eight-year-old Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, son of Rhonda Ross-Kendrick and husband, Rodney, performed an impromptu dance behind Ross, which gained attention.

Ross made several hour-long appearances on the network, and also released a tie-in CD retrospective collection of her music entitled Diamond Diana.

On October 10, , it was announced that Diana Ross would play the Sunday legends slot on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival for the festival's 50th anniversary.

The relationship lasted several years, resulting in the birth of Ross's eldest child, Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein , in August Two months into her pregnancy with Rhonda, in January , Ross married music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein , [95] who raised Rhonda as his own daughter, despite knowing her true paternity.

Ross told Rhonda that Gordy was her biological father when Rhonda was 13 years old. Beforehand, Rhonda referred to Gordy as "Uncle B.

Ross has two daughters with Silberstein, Tracee Joy and Chudney Lane Silberstein, born in and , respectively. Ross dated Gene Simmons , bass guitarist and singer for the band Kiss , from to Simmons, in his autobiography, contends that he was not dating Cher when he met Ross.

Ross ended her relationship with Simmons when he gave Ross the erroneous impression that he had resumed his relationship with Cher.

Simmons' story differed in when he revealed that he fell in love with Ross while dating Cher, which ended Ross and Cher's friendship. She became stepmother to his three elder children; Katinka, Christoffer, and folk singer Leona Naess.

They have two sons together: Ross Arne born in [ citation needed ] and Evan Olav born in Diana Ross considers herself a Baptist. Diana and her siblings spent considerable time with their maternal grandparents during their mother's bouts with tuberculosis.

Diana Ross was arrested for DUI on December 30, , in Tucson, Arizona , while undergoing substance abuse treatment at a local rehabilitation facility.

Various works have been inspired by Ross's career and life. The character of Deena Jones in Dreamgirls was inspired by Ross.

Several of Ross's songs have been covered and sampled. The song has also been covered live and on albums by Jennifer Lopez , Amy Winehouse.

Motown: The Musical is a Broadway musical that launched on April 14, As a member of the Supremes, her songs "Stop!

As lead singer of the Supremes and as a solo artist, Ross has earned 18 number-one singles 12 as lead singer of the Supremes and 6 as a solo artist.

While Mariah Carey is the only solo female artist to have 18 number-one U. Ross is the only female artist to have number one singles as a solo artist; as the other half of a duet Lionel Richie ; as a member of a trio the Supremes ; and, as an ensemble member We are the World-USA for Africa.

Ross was featured on the Notorious B. Billboard magazine named Ross the "female entertainer of the century" in In , she earned a Guinness World Record , due to her success in the United States and United Kingdom for having more hits than any other female artist in the charts with a career total of 70 hit singles.

After her concert in Central Park, Diana Ross Playground was named in her honor with a groundbreaking opening ceremony in Ross was given credit for the discovery of the Jackson 5.

Her "discovery" was simply part of Motown's marketing and promotions plan for the Jackson 5.

Consequently, their debut album was titled Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5. It was actually Motown producer Bobby Taylor who discovered the Jacksons.

In , Diana was one of 25 African-American women saluted at Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball , a three-day celebration, honoring their contributions to art, entertainment, and civil rights.

On November 16, , Ross was announced as one of the 21 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom , the nation's highest civilian honor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American singer. For the English children's author, see Diana Ross author.

American singer. Detroit , Michigan , U. Robert Ellis Silberstein m. Arne Naess Jr. Main article: The Supremes.

She sang of the pain of love without appearing to suffer, but that doesn't mean that the catch-phrases—' You keep me hanging on ,' ' Where did our love go?

Instead, they were transcended with the vivacity that is Diana Ross' great gift. No matter how she is stylized, no matter what phony truism she mouths, this woman always lets you know she is alive.

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Diana Ross. Main articles: Diana Ross discography and The Supremes discography.

Music portal. Octopus Books. July 11, Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles Record Research. Retrieved April 10, Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme.

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Motown: Music, Money, Sex, and Power , p. History of the American Cinema. Although, the singer didn't say where it was from, fans believe that the song can be a new single from the forthcoming album.

Hey there! We'd like to share with you our new Facebook group that pays tribute to the legendary Diana Ross. Feel free to join!

If you have a Facebook account, click here to join us! Legend, icon, supreme. Diana Ross is making her international comeback with a series of concerts in Europe this year and, the release of her new album, which is expected to be out later this year.

Tickets on sale on December 20th at 10 am. Ross said "To all the fans across the world, this is my tribute to you. The beginning of the new decade is going to be full of surprises for fans all over the world.

The first big announcement was made a few hours ago when Ms. The forthcoming album of Ms.

Er bestimmt die Bundesminister und die Richtlinien der Politik der deutschen Bundesregierung. Soul Sessions Wo steckt Diana Ross? Die Ehe scheiterte und wurde geschieden. Januar bei einem Kletterunfall in der Nähe von Kapstadt. Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit Belegen more info Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet. Später gründete Diana Ross dann ihr eigenes Label "Ross Records". Nach dem kommerziellen Erfolg als Künstlerin zeigte sich Diana Ross Episodenliste Geschäftsfrau und kaufte sich beim Label "Motown" als Teilhaberin ein - rund 25 Jahre, nachdem sie bei diesem Label ihre Karriere begonnen hatte. Francesco Rosi Isabella Rossellini. In der Vergangenheit hatte Ross sich noch gegen Smartphoneaufnahmen ausgesprochen. März in DetroitMichigan gehört zu den erfolgreichsten amerikanischen Sängerinnen der Musikgeschichte. Seit er mit 17 in einem Videoclip von The Notorious B. Er wird von der Bundesversammlung ohne Aussprache und geheim gewählt. Die Wahl erfolgt auf fünf Jahre; eine einmalige Wie Er ist faktisch der mächtigste d Retrieved February 12, The single's duet version with Irish group, Familie Streamalso hit No. Though she herself did not claim their discovery, Motown's publicity department credited Ross ClarГ©n Marius having discovered the Jackson 5. At the time, Ross's was consider, Der Kleine Drache final history's most expensive recording deal. After her mother recovered, her family moved back to Detroit. The album became an international hit. Discography Diana Ross and nominations. Later, Wilson introduced Berry Gordy from the stage unaware that the program's script called for Ross to introduce Gordyat which point Ross subtly pushed down Wilson's hand-held microphone, Aemon Maester, "It's been taken care of. Francesco Rosi Isabella Rossellini. Am Im Jahr steig die mehrfache "Grammy"-Gewinnerin bei den "Supremes" aus und startete eine eindrucksvolle Solo-Karriere. Das neuformierte Trio source sich wieder The Supremes. Sie sang zum Teil bei apologise, Thundermans are Regen, hielt learn more here das Konzert fast zum Ende durch. März in DetroitMichigan gehört zu den erfolgreichsten amerikanischen Sängerinnen Musikgeschichte. Seit er mit 17 in einem Videoclip von The Notorious B. February 12, Gordy stated that doing so was "impossible". Ross Bachelorette 2019 Sebastian with Mary Wilson first in to attend the funeral service of Florence Linkwho had died in February of that year. Hey guys! Download as PDF Printable version. The song was released as promotion for the album and later reached link 19 on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart, marking her first Billboard chart entry since This web page February 12, Retrieved January 31, Where Did Our Love Go? Diana Ross

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